Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oops... forgot the "O"

Damon loves spelling his name now that he knows how. He will spell it outloud to Joe and I, or to grandparents and family. He will tell us how to write it on his magna-doodle. While taking a bath, he will spell his name on the side of the tub with his foam letters. And we recently got a new leap frog toy for our fridge with all the letters of the alphabet. Damon will constantly run to the fridge, and spell out D-A-M-O-N on it. So it was nothing new as he yelled to me the other day to come see the fridge, because he had just spelled his name on it again. To appease him, I ran into the fridge all excited, getting ready to praise him and let him know how proud I am of him when I saw this...Looks like he forgot the "O" this time. Better not let that regularly happen.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

UPDATES... honestly nothing too interesting...SORRY!

Update #1:

I took Halle to the doctor due to me being a worried little mommy. Her legs don't seem right to Joe and I. She walks funny, and rather slowly, still falling quite a bit. The good doctor examined her, and she has a rather significant case of Varum Deformity. He said it is a common deformity in kids, but that Halle's is more severe than any he has seen in quite the while. What is this you ask...? Well in Lamen's Terms: Halle is extremely Bowlegged. Nothing is done until a child is two for belief they will grow out of it by then. After which, braces and surgery are the methods for correcting it. Until Halle's legs decide to correct themselves or until help is used, I guess Halle will continue to walk through the house looking stiff and silly like Frankenstein. She is still the cutest little lady even if she has a funny signature walk!

Update #2:
I am attempting to quit drinking soda pop. Particularly Mountain Dew. I don't know that I will ever be able to stop completely, but I need to simmer down a little bit my intake of caffeine and carbonation on a daily basis. Today is day three of having nothing. Days one and two were so simple.... Today however, I am craving the bubbly goodness oh so much. I really need to do this in an effort to become more healthy, and to get rid of the post pregnancy pooch that just is never going to go away as long as I am downing 44 oz. of Mountain Dew a day. Wish me luck!

Update #3:

In case you didn't read the last post... Damon is potty trained. YEAH! It is so exciting and nice to only have to buy one size of diapers, and to not be going through the wipes quite as quickly. I just pray that before I decide to have baby #3, Halle will be potty trained too. Changing one kid at a time is enough. It just took Damon some really good motivation (toys and stickers up on a shelf in the bathroom) to get him using the potty regularly, and now he thinks he is a pro, and makes fun of Halle for still using a diaper... Oh the humor. I am excited and proud of him. He can even wear underwear through the night... Knock on wood now, I know!

And that is all of my updating. Like I said, nothing too earth shattering... but updates nonetheless.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Damon had a very happy birthday. I feel bad because Joe and I had promised him a Chuck E Cheese party, but both came down with the stomach bug that day, and couldn't stand the thought of going there, so we had just a small party at our house instead. Damon got a new hat, a truck and trailer, horses, and a farm cake. Pretty much everything this little kid has been wanting! Happy 3rd Damon!

At the end of the day, Damon asked Joe and I if he got these presents because he did a "poop" in the big boy potty? Laughing, we let him know that no... he got these because it was his birthday! Yes we did bribe Damon to use the toilet, and I am happy to announce, he is potty trained, and accident free for two weeks!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I cannot even believe my baby boy is turning 3 today. I remember all to well the night my water broke, and we rushed to the hospital to have him... 11 hours later. It took the entire two days of hospital time for us to come up with what to name him, but Damon Jack Anderson has fit him perfectly, and Jack as his middle name was only appropriate considering he was born two weeks early on his Grandpa Jack's birthday!!!

Damon, I love you so much. You have brought me more happiness (and frustration) than a person can comprehend over the past three years. You are the silliest, cutest, most lively little boy in the world. You have a light and love about you, and can make anyone giggle. I can't believe how much you have grown up right before my eyes. I almost wish you could stay this age forever... not a dull moment goes by with you in my life. From wanting to stay up till midnight playing trucks and trailers, to wearing nothing but church shoes and snow boots. I love you more than life itself, and am so greatful that I was chosen to be your mom.

Happy Birthday Damon! Here's to you

(Happy Birthday Grandpa Anderson too! We love you!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Damon's Random Sleeping Spots

Here are some new random pictures of Damon and his silly sleeping habits. I tell ya, this kid, if tired enough can fall asleep just about anywhere, and in any position! It is a crack up. Did I mention that during September, while playing out in the driveway and sidewalk with the neighbor kids, Damon got a little bit tired, and fell asleep right there in the gutter?! Yep, it looked as if he had been hit by a car and swept into the gutter. I didn't get pictures of that for fear of keeping him there as I ran inside to get my camera... but it is a memory I will not forget. These are the latest of him... what looks like an extremely uncomfortable position on the couch...
And this one is of him, on my bed, after finding Halle's baby dolls and putting them to sleep, he fell asleep too. I thought he was in the basement playing, and was sick to my stomach when I couldn't find him down there... I started screaming his name, went running outside... ready to start calling all the neighbors and searching the neighborhoods. When I walked into my room to grab a hoodie, I saw Damon curled up all snug on my bed. What a cute little guy... I think I will keep him!

Monday, December 1, 2008

A Red Hills Ranch Thanksgiving...

This year we had a "Better Homes and Garden" Thanksgiving. We went to visit Joe's sister and brother in law in Wyoming at the ranch they manage. It is about 45 minutes past Jackson Hole, towards Yellowstone, then down a dirt road for about 10 miles. It was absolutely breathtaking... just like in the magazines. We pulled up to the Ranch on Wednesday night around seven P.M. to a beautiful cabin covered in lights, fireplace roaring... all set in the valley below the Tetons. We went to the Ranch by way of Idaho Falls. We were able to stop and take a look at the temple, and play in the park with the ducks. That alone could have been an awesome vacation for the kids... but upon getting to Red Hills Ranch, were days more of food, fun, activities, riding the horses, games of football, four wheelers, online shopping the day after Thanksgiving since there are no close stores, and would you believe... zero snow!
It was a spectacular trip minus the fact it threw off Damon's potty training a bit... Thanks so much Brian and Jodi. I would come back in a heart-beat! In fact, if you'd let me, I would move right in... kick it in front of the fireplace!

To Eric and Tara...

Eric and Tara ~ We went via Idaho Falls to get to our Thanksgiving destination. As we were driving through town, we saw this store...
We were driving and trying to take the picture before we completely passed the place, and just missed the [ ' s] at the end of the Catmull store. We thought of you guys! Maybe you're related to some mattress/furniture guru out of Idaho Falls! LUCKY!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grimy to Gorgeous

Joe jokingly calls Halle "Grimy" or "Grimes" due to Halle's hair always looking straggly, unkempt, and touched up with bits and pieces of sticky food. She also usually has something gross on her outfit after a day of playing, and of course, leftovers on her face. It has turned into quite the joke, but I feel bad for Halle... we don't want her growing up thinking her names is "Grimes." To try to somewhat cure this, I took Halle for her first haircut yesterday. Mind you, not much can be done to a one year old's hair, who doesn't have all that much hair to begin with, but she did get some bangs cut and everything all around trimmed so it lays a little bit nicer. You would have thought the poor girl was getting seriously injured as her hair was getting cut... almost as if she could feel the pain of each strand getting snipped... Oh the screams down at the local Crazy Daisy (I mean down at the Clip and Curl... ha ha ha Jessie, Ali, Anni and Mom) were in full force. But the end product is cute... not much different, but Halle is no longer our little "Grimes!"



*Side note: I know some of you mom's are wondering why I don't just put cute little bows, flowers, and headbands in Halle's hair..?! She pulls everything out of her hair approximately 5 minutes after I put it in, (or Damon pulls it out) and then there is a permanent kink in her hair for the remainder of the day... so my options here are pretty limited.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tonight we're going to PARTY LIKE IT"S 1999

I was tagged.... I rarely do tags, but thought this one would take me back for a minute at least!

High School Tag!
I was tagged by TARA
1. Did you date someone from your school? No, but I had many many many crushes at my school.
2. What kind of car did you drive? A 1986 Plymouth Reliant with multiple tones and shades of white and off white on the hood... I know I know... The guys were all over that.
3. Did you pass your drivers license test your first try?Yes
4. Were you a party animal?I loved being out and away from home and at any event possible, but wansn't the party animal who was out drinking or such...
5. Were you considered a flirt? I think I was considered pretty hyper.
6. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? None of the above
7. Were you a nerd? Most likely! I actually don't really know what I was... I was friends with I felt like many different people... but also very nerdy back in the day.
8. Were you on any varsity teams? Nope
9. Did you ever get suspended/ expelled? No siree.
10. Can you still sing the fight song? Once again.... a big fat NO. Wouldn't even be able to tell you how it goes.
11. Who were your favorite teachers? I was scared to death of eventually having her as a teacher, but once I did, Ms. Southerlin was by far my fave... I also loved Mrs. Brechwald.
12. Where did you sit for lunch? Either the commons area, or wherever friends and I went for lunch.
13. What is your school's full name? Wasatch High
14. What is your school's mascot and colors? Wasp which obviously makes the colors black and yellow
15. Did you go to homecoming and with who? I don't even want to talk about it.
16. If you could go back and do it again would you? Heavens no
17. What do you remember most about graduation?Just the excitement of knowing I was moving on in life... and the thought of finally moving out.
18. Were did you go senior skip day? Lagoon
19. Were you in any clubs? FBLA, NHS, The Sharp Club ~ What can I say, I was smart.
20. Have you gained some weight since then? Um yeah! I was under 100 lbs in high school and have had 2 kids since then... what do you think?!
21. Who was your prom date? Junior Year - Cache Ferguson Senior Year - Eric Chatterly
22. Are you Planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Possibly... I was never too attached to my class
23. Did you have a job in high school? Multiple... Designs for all Seasons as the flower delivery girl.... a coveted job I know... Yodels being a server, Burgermeister before it was Yodels as a dishwasher, cook, and hostess, and a short while at The Pizza House.

I Tag... Anyone else from my high school.... That includes you, sisters!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

14 months and walking....

Halle is finally walking.... She and Damon both got it down about a week before turning 14 months.... weird how much the two of them have had in common. Anyways, here are some cute videos of Halle.

In this first video, Halle is just trying to get up, and keeps just falling over instead of actually taking steps... pretty cute and funny actually ~

In this second video, Halle gets it down, and is wandering through the living room. She will walk through anything to get to what she wants... hence me calling her King Kong in the video. Way to go Halle... I am proud of you!

Our New Arrival (Wink Wink)...

Joe just got himself a Kawasaki Prairie 700, and is loving it. Not to mention it is tough getting Halle and Damon off the darn thing!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Q: What's cuter than a kid in a costume....?

A: ..... Fuzzy Foot Pajamas!

*So cute and cuddly looking in fact, Joe and I would like to go find ourselves a pair somewhere!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween (could it have been any warmer?)...

Halloween was a fun night for this tiger and cow. They were out going from door to door around 5:30 at night after having nutricious and delicious dinner of corndogs and pudding! We just stayed here in Santaquin and walked around the blocks. It was the warmest, most mild weather I ever remember having at Halloween time. In fact, after we were done doing our trick-or-treating as a family, we just sat in our front yard the rest of the night handing out candy... We didn't have to wait in the warm cozy house for the doorbell to ring... no sir-ee. It was playing in the yard for us. Damon seemed to have more fun handing out the candy to the other little creatures, characters, and princesses rather than actually getting candy himself... Go Figure. Definitely doesn't take after me. I am addicted to candy, and would do anything to get some freebies. Halle couldn't care less about doing either the treating or passing of candy... she was content to crawl through the yard. Being dressed like a tiger was quite appropriate for the prowling she was doing on the front lawn. It was a great night and I can't wait to do this as a family for MANY years to come.

Halle the Tiger and Damon the Cow...

Trick or Treat...

For Halle, the leaves are better than the candy...

Trick-or-Treat....more please!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008



Happy Halloween from the world's cutest cow!!! More pictures to come from our evening of fun later...