Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Big Two Nine



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Hairy Situation

I have been learning how to do some pretty FANCY SHMANCY hairstyles on Halle. This is what her hair looked like the other night as we took it out before she went to bed. (Everytime Damon sees these pictures, he gets giggling so hard that he can't catch his breath and tears are rolling down his cheeks! )

What a kissable face!!!

What a STUD!

My little baby boy is growing up. He got his first bike recently, and is so cute riding it up and down the street. He is so dang proud of himself... and as his mom, I am pretty proud of the little guy too! It kind of brings tears to my eyes though, seeing how fist they grow up!

I didn't notice this at the time, but looking at this pictures I was giggling pretty hard when I noticed how "matchy matchy" Damon and his new bike were. All's I noticed as I was taking the pictures was, "oh I have got to stop letting Damon dress himself"... Kind of funny that his bike is Orange and Blue, and so it his get up.

Our family hike to the Pot Farm... yes you read right!

.... So a Pot (Marijuanna) Farm was discovered and busted up a canyon in sweet little Ephraim not too long ago. Over Memorial Day weekend, our family along with Joe's parents, and his brother and kiddo's decided to take the "short" 4-Wheeler ride and hike to see where the Pot Farm had been.... The short trip turned into a 4 hour excursion. After 4-wheeling up to the point where I was told would only be a 100 yard walk right to the old Marijuanna Farm was a little bit more than Eileen (Joe's mom), all the kids, and I bargained for. It was hiking up and down a mountain side of THICK oak and pine. I guess it is a good story however to say that I have been to a raided Pot Farm. Good memories...
This picture was after we parked the 4-wheelers, and took a look at the GPS getting started on our trek through the lush Mountains.

Playing follow the leader as we started on our journey...

Just a little example of what we were hiking through to get to this much desired place...

And at the Pot Farm, Joe had a blast pushing down dead trees.

Us posing with the water pipe that is still up there. It was amazing to see all of the things the men had taken up to the mountain to grow the Marijuanna. There were hoses and sprinklers and pipe. There were many huge areas where trees had been completely whacked out leaving plenty of room for 'Pot growing' to happen... (don't mind how utterly attractive we all look after hiking, falling, sweating, and being scratched during our hike).

This must be a hut or where someone stayed as they were tending to their precious Marijuanna plants!

I don't know that I would ever want to make this trek again unless we could find an easier way into it... but it was a cool experience and kinda neat to say I went and saw it! And to think I almost stayed back at my in-laws house...

Our Dam Trip....

There were a lot of happy Dam tourists, and Dam workers everywhere. Tons of Dam water. Quite a bit of Dam walking. We had to park on the 6th floor of the Dam parking lot, and take the Dam elevators down. We got some souveniers at the Dam giftshop. I recommend this Dam trip to anyone who is already headed to Vegas! Quite the Dam experience to see if I do say so. And yes... I think I am Dam hilarious!