Friday, June 27, 2008

On the 2nd day of Disneyland....

We were getting our green shirts washed the second day of Disneyland so we could all wear them again the third day, so today was normal shirt day for everyone. Today Damon left a little bit earlier with his grandma and went to have breakfast with the characters. Joe's mom said that Damon was so intrigued with the characters and what was going on, that instead of bringing his cup of chocolate milk up to his mouth, he brought it up to his shoulder, and dumped it over his shoulder, as he still stood and stared in awe at Minnie Mouse. We spent the majority of the day today at California Adventure. Here Damon and Halle were able to meet Pluto, and then Damon met Goofy. He was so excited, I think how I would be if I got to go get a hug and my picture taken with Brad Pitt.

That night we didn't stay at Disneyland to watcht the parade or fireworks because we had tickets to go to the Angels/Mets baseball game. The Mets are Joe's favorite baseball team, and they happened to be in town while we were in California. Unfortunately his favorite pitcher, Pedro Martinez wasn't pitching, but Joe still got a picture of him walking onto the field.

The Mets won in extra innings 5 to 4 against the Angels. I was the only girl at the game out of our bunch....just a bunch of brother in law's and nephews along with Joe and Damon... What can I say, I love baseball and being outdoors at an actual game.

After the game, Joe was able to go above the Angels dugout and get Damon a baseball from one of the players due to no foul balls ever coming our way. Thanks Angels.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Boys are Back, It's Time to Play... DISNEYLAND... We are on our Way!

We were fortunate enough to get the three day park hopper Disneyland/California Adventure passes. (Thanks once again to Joe's parents for that!) That was quite nice so we didn't have to try to cram everything into one day. What is also nice is the stroller passes and fast passes Disneyland now offers. With how many people are in Joe's family, and how many kids there are in strollers, not a soul was ever waiting in a long line. No sir, we Anderson's know how to work the system at Disneyland. They don't know what hit them when we show up! And even more fun.... We all wear matching green shirts around the park, so no one mistakes any of us when we arrive for a ride.
The first night we were able to meet Mickey Mouse, which was a dream come true for Damon. We stayed late, watching the fireworks, which both kids fell asleep during from the hot and exhausting day......
More Disneyland Adventure to come, so stay tuned! You lucky readers.....

Huntington Beach...HERE WE COME!

We drove straight to the beach upon arriving in California. We didn't even check in at our hotels first....we were so excited to get in the water, and play in the waves. Damon had a blast, and wasn't the slightest bit afraid of the waves, water, or sand. He built castles, let the waves hit him, and begged for more. Joe was probably the first person in the entire family to completely submerge himself in the freezing ocean. Seeing Damon and Joe playing together was priceless.
Halle on the other hand was a bit of a pill at the beach. She wanted to eat the sand, but then realized it is yucky and would cry. She was drenched and greasy with sunscreen and at one point fell backwards into the sand, creating her hair to be so greasy and sandy, each strand of hair was completely covered and visible with sand. It was a sight. She would pull her feet right up and get in the sitting position mid air everytime I tried to touch her feet to the ocean.
By the end of the day at the beach, Damon was so worn out that Joe built up a bed with sand, wrapped Damon in a towel, laid him on it....and before you knew it, Damon was out cold on Huntington Beach. It was a great day!

Our Big California Adventure

Well....we just got back from going to California as a big happy family. Joe's entire family went, which is quite a few people....39 to be exact...(and yes, that is all immediate family members). This trip has been being planned for a year now (Thank you so much Jack and Eileen). It was a blast. We started it out by driving a little over half way the first day to Primm Nevada where we all stayed at Whiskey Petes. We rode the rides, played in the arcade, swam, and just had a great time together. Damon wandered around with all of his cousins. He loved the older kids and would call them "my boys" the entire trip as he followed them around anywhere they would let him go. It was adorable watching him look up to his older cousins.
After Whiskey Petes, the next day we headed to sunny California, making stops in Baker to take a picture at the worlds largest thermometer, and then another stop in Barstow before heading to the beach. Damon and Halle probably had to be the best little travelors, complaining and whining minimally.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy 28th Birthday Joe!

Joe... We just wanted to tell you to have a great day. We all love you so much, and hope this day brings wishes and happiness to you. Happy Birthday Babe!


Kirstin, Damon, and Halle

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Joe is Back for Good!

Joe returned home after serving a year long tour in Camp Bucca, Iraq on May 29, 2008. It was close to midnight when Joe's flight came in... but we were very much wide awake and excited to welcome him home. Damon was so excited as all the men were getting off the plane, that he was shaking with tears coming down his cheeks, as he kept say over and over "my daddy." Nothing is better than seeing your kids reunite with their dad. Damon still asks Joe and I all the time about Dad going back on the plane. It is hard to explain to Damon that Dad is home for good this more leaving. Halle is warming right up to Joe. He can make her giggle so hard. It has been wonderful having Joe back home. I am definitely not complaining.
Damon, Halle, and Joe reuniting for the first time!
Best Friends, Damon and Joe
Joe with his momOur little family is back together! We couldn't be more ecstatic!!!