Friday, May 29, 2009

One Year Ago Today....

Today is definitely a day worth sitting, reflecting, and being greatful. Two years ago, I was 5 months pregnant, with an 18 month old, sending my husband off to Iraq. And one year ago TODAY (Click here), Joe returned home from Iraq. I tell ya, a year ago today I was a wreck. I was completely sick to my stomach, and had no clue what life was about to bring... That may sound weird, but seriously, imagine living on your own for a year (and not just living alone, but having to finally adjust to living alone just in time for your other half to return)... doing things your way, making the executive decision on things, getting the remote (ha ha), the bed, the car, the kids, literally [everything] all to yourself. Believe me, I am not bragging... I was LONELY, but that last year had just become a way of life for me, and I was scared, yet extremely excited to return to having another adult in the house. I was mainly excited to have actual adult conversation in the evening times, over dinner, or after the kids had gone to bed...

Well, Joe has now officially been home for ONE year. Not saying that we haven't had our ups and downs during the year... And not saying that I don't once again just take him being here for granted... But I did want to take this time to tell Joe that I am greatful for what he did over in Iraq. And I am even more greatful to have him back home with us. There are still some mornings when Damon wakes up after Joe has taken off to work, and he worriedly comes and asks me if Dad is in Iraq again... But I can always calmly let him know that Dad is just at work and will be home after 5.

So here's to ONE YEAR LATER!!! I know I can get frustrated and ornery, but Joe, I really am the happiest woman alive to have you around. Everything is just better having you around from the small little tasks to the big things like the holidays and our kids. Thanks for being here! Halle, Damon and I adore you!

Here's to one hell of a year!
** Joe, just to show my love and appreciation for you, you are also entitled to a family night at any Chinese Buffet of your choice compliments of the Preschool. Love you!