Monday, April 26, 2010

A Weekend Away to Beautiful Bryce Canyon

A couple of weekends ago we decided to take a little weekend trip to Bryce Canyon... I was born and raised in Utah, and can honestly say I had never been there before. I was a little bit sad that the weekend we were headed there, the weather here was supposed to be warmer than there (And there was still snow on the ground in Bryce), but it ended up being perfect, beautiful weather down in Bryce Canyon. We had a great time, and Damon even did all the hikes all by himself... never needing help! What a guy!

LOVE this picture of Damon and Halle...

I drove Joe and the kids nuts because I was always wincing and yelling when anyone got too close to an edge... But no one ever got hurt (except when Damon superman'd it onto the flat ground), and that is what mom's are for anywho! Thanks for the mini vaca Joe!

Friday, April 23, 2010


This is our AMAZING daughter Halle. She is 2 1/2. She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She wanted a bike because her brother has one. So of course her dad went and bought her a bike as soon as she asked. I have to say, I was a bit surprised that this petite little girl could touch the pedals and make them move. To some, it is not all that impressive that a two year old can ride a bike [with training wheels]. But I have to tell you that I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, FULLY IMPRESSED with my little lady here. For those of you that personally know Halle, you know she has a drive, determination, and HEART with all that she tries that is unsurpassable. To me, she is the most amazing person I have met, and I at times look at her and can't believe she is mine, and can't believe that Heavenly Father trusted her in my care... But I tell you what, I am one lucky mama, and not complaining one bit that she decided to become an Anderson. So KUDOS to you Halle for riding your bike. We couldn't be more proud of you! You are INSPIRING!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Check out the *BLING*

Yep, Halle is all decked out in her fancy nancy bling! Doesn't she look just divine?!?

Friday, April 2, 2010


Am I losing my mind? Really?!? At only 28? Yesterday I went to run a few errands just around town. My last stop was to the post office to buy a sheet of stamps. I bought the CELEBRATE ones, and got back in the truck to head home. I remember thinking as I looked down at the stamps on the short drive home that I better put those away as soon as I get home so the kiddo's don't think they are fun stickers to play with. And I have lost complete memory about the stamps since then. I was laying in bed last night, when I suddenly thought... "I don't remember putting the stamps away." So I got out of bed at 2 a.m. to go look. I looked in the cupboard where we keep the stamps, and lo and behold... NO STAMPS. So I looked through my purse. Again, NO STAMPS. I took the lid off of the trash, and started sorting through all of it (old food and all). NO STAMPS! So first thing this morning I went out to the truck, and start scouring it looking for this $8.80 sheet of stamps. I can't find the dang things anywhere. How in the world did I lose a sheet of stamps inbetween the truck and my house? I am not even upset about throwing $8.80 down the drain.... What I am upset about is that I CAN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME REMEMBER WHERE THEY COULD BE! If anyone has any suggestions of weird places they have found something, please let me know cause I am making myself so anxious trying to find the [DA*#] Stamps!