Friday, May 7, 2010

From the Mouth of HALLE

A conversation with Halle...

Preface: Halle has been walking around the house holding her baby doll and cell phone, and carrying her purse on her arm. She came walking back in the room with just the baby doll and purse.

Halle: [Singing] Mom and me have purses, mom and me have purses. (As if to make her brother and dad jealous!)

Me: What do you keep in your purse Halle? Did you put your cell phone in it?

Halle: No, I gotta gun!

Well OK then! Sure enough, I checked her purse later, and she had one of her brothers toy guns tucked away inside. What am I going to do with you little lady?

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my baby cakes. Yes, if I could only have one friend left on this earth, it would be you! Thanks for being a fantastic husband and even better dad! Here's to 6 more years... [And then some]. LOVE YOU!