Monday, October 19, 2009

Should I back track?

I haven't blogged in a LONG time but decided I might try to jump on the bandwagon again. I think for now, I will just blog about our FaBuLoUs Saturday, and then add some other things we have done over the past couple of months later.
This past Saturday, the weather was supposed to be phenomenal, so I thought it would be fun to go out on a little hike, or go see the water falls up Provo Canyon. So we did just that. Halle was a bit of a pill at first. She was so cranky and ornery, but by the time we were about done, we finally got some smiles out of that little lady.
After walking the trail for a minute, we made it to the falls, and then of course, Damon wanted nothing more than to hike up to the top... Halle was having none of that, throwing yet another tantrum, so Damon and Joe got to do the hike without us girlies. If you look very closely, you can see the rugged boys on the side of the waterfall.
And this is what PrInCeSs Halle looked like down below as I tried, unsuccessfully, to convince her that we were having fun! (Check out that tear rolling down her cheek!)

As Joe and Damon hiked back down the mountain, Halle and I walked up a small hill and met them. We "tried" to pose the kids on the rocks and get some good pictures... This is as good as it gets people! Joe was in the background throwing leaves in the air to make it look like they were falling in motion on the kiddo's... but none of those pics are the greatest darn it all!After our small hikes, we walked back along the trail which was to lead us to our truck... along the way we all played and wrestled in the leaves, and I am happy to say that Joe finally got Hal-Bal happy and hyper!And now I would just like to announce, that ornery or not, I by far have the world's cutest kids. The End!