Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th of July in Midway

So unfortunately, I didn't take all too many pictures on the 4th of July... but it was a great day. Our little family of 4 started out by taking a 4-wheeler ride from Hobble Creek Canyon, up over the top of the mountain, and coming down at Daniel's Summit Lodge. It was a bumpy but extremely gorgeous ride. I have no pictures of the adventure. Afterwards, we went to our annual BBQ at my parents in Midway. Happy Hal-Bal gladly posing for a picture! Love that smile!!!

Here is my dad with his 4 gorgeous girls.
My parent pushing their only 2 grandkids (at the moment) in the swings. By next 4th of July their grandchildren will have doubled to the amount of 4!
The entire family: L-R Jeff and Jessie Bryner, Grandma and Grandpa De Castro, Kirstin, Joe, Damon, and Halle Anderson, Alison and Travis Jarrett, Annika De Castro, and her FIANCE Vance Brown!

It was a fun evening, with many loud games played and funny stories told... all ending with the famous Memorial Hill Fireworks.

Tonsilectomy and Adnoidectomy...


And wouldn't you know... The SNORING is completely gone!
*Damon had his tonsils and adnoids taken out due to extreme old man snoring and possible sleep apnea! He was a champ. It took a good week and a half for him to fully recover... and at moments, I wondered if the surgery was even worth all the complaining, whining, lack of sleeping, & medication taking. But now he is a whole new man. He sleeps so quietly I now worry that he is even breathing!

Swimming Lessons

Here are just a couple of shots of my baby growing up. Damon did swimming lessons this year over in Payson. He had a blast and thought he was so grown up doing them. It was adorable watching him... and it was great because there were only 4 little boys (including him) in his Pre-3 swimming class. Unfortunately he had to miss his last day (Pass Off Day) for a not so fun surgery... But he loved them reguardless... This kid is basically a fish if you put him anywhere near water!

Good Job Money Man!