Monday, June 21, 2010


Someone in our house is turning the BIG THREE-ZERO this week....
Can you taste the excitement? Happy 30th Joe (on Wednesday)! Until then, he is just 29!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Just last night, Joe and I were hanging out in our front yard, pruning trees, and talking about how we have THE BEST shade tree! The tree in our front yard is big and bushy, and allows so much shade to be enjoyed in the summer time. The kids love climbing it, and frankly, I just love everything about it. Just last night...

Fast forward to TODAY...
DANG SANTAQUIN WIND! I want to cry a little...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cadillac Cowboy

Damon LOVES country music! His favorite??? Chris LeDoux! He knows so many songs by heart! The other night he just started singing the chorus to Cadillac Cowboy and I died at how cute it is, and amazed that he for the most part just knew it! So here is Damon singing for all to see. I announced the song wrong in the video... So correction on my part! It is Cadillac Cowboy, NOT Cowboy Cadillac!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Does this look like the face of a sad girl who just fell off the retaining wall, slicing the top of her ear completely open, causing blood to gush out everywhere, needing stitches?


Good thing she recovers quickly from the crashes and scrapes and bruises she inflicts upon herself!

The top of her left ear required 2 stitches to put it back together... and we decided to just throw away the shirt she was wearing at the time of her accident since it was white (now permanently stained deep red!)

Graduation [Preschool that is]

I survived another year of teaching preschool! I held preschool graduation in my backyard on our last day of preschool in May. All in all it was a success (Minus a little boy in my afternoon class who did nothing but cause a ruckus while his parents sat there and laughed). Halle started coming to my afternoon preschool class partway through the year as she decided taking naps were no longer for her! Damon attended both the morning and afternoon sessions... loving it and turning into the smartest 4 year old alive ; ) It was a great year of preschool, but I am so excited for it to be over and for summer to officially start!!!

Halle sitting there proud as punch that she is "graduating". (Yes, I planned on dressing my own kids up rather nicely since it was mine and their graduation... but they wouldn't have it, so my two kids are the ones looking a little grimy!)

Damon adjusting his cap while showing off his criss cross applesauce skills!

An end of the night picture of my two favorite preschoolers! Ballerina has blue frosting inbetween her nose and lips from devouring the refreshments!

And last but not least... drumroll please... Damon has learned how to wink, so he wanted to show it off for the camera!


Cinco de Mayo on the Heber Creeper

My dad surprised us with tickets to ride on the Heber Valley Railroad during the month of May. Growing up in Heber Valley, I can now, at age 28, say that I have finally gone for a ride on the famous train! Damon and Halle were so excited to go on a real train... needless to say, the excitement wore off about 10 minutes into it when the trian was slowly creeping along, and the kids just wanted to eat! But the novelty of the train was fantastic while it lasted! I believe it was children's day or something to that effect, so the Wasatch County Library passed out train conductor hats for all kids, and then read books and sang songs while on the train! It was a great experienceAlthough the kiddo's look extremely grumpy in all the pictures, I assure you they weren't! They just weren't fond of getting their pictures taken. Thanks Grandpa with the cat for the fun day!