Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th of July in Midway

So unfortunately, I didn't take all too many pictures on the 4th of July... but it was a great day. Our little family of 4 started out by taking a 4-wheeler ride from Hobble Creek Canyon, up over the top of the mountain, and coming down at Daniel's Summit Lodge. It was a bumpy but extremely gorgeous ride. I have no pictures of the adventure. Afterwards, we went to our annual BBQ at my parents in Midway. Happy Hal-Bal gladly posing for a picture! Love that smile!!!

Here is my dad with his 4 gorgeous girls.
My parent pushing their only 2 grandkids (at the moment) in the swings. By next 4th of July their grandchildren will have doubled to the amount of 4!
The entire family: L-R Jeff and Jessie Bryner, Grandma and Grandpa De Castro, Kirstin, Joe, Damon, and Halle Anderson, Alison and Travis Jarrett, Annika De Castro, and her FIANCE Vance Brown!

It was a fun evening, with many loud games played and funny stories told... all ending with the famous Memorial Hill Fireworks.


andi said...

WOW, growing family! And Annika's engaged??? Cool! Looks like a fun Fourth!

Brimaca said...

I saw your mom at church and she announced all sorts of good news. Beautiful people - all of you.

Ashley DeMille said...

Your family is so cute! Congratulations on baby #3!!! that will be so fun for you guys.

Dan and Sara said...

Great pics lady! You have a beautiful family - immediate & extended!

Where are you? I miss your blogging!!