Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Dude is not so little...

Cael had his 4 month appointment... He seems a bit chubby to me, but I sometimes don't expect reactions from others. At his doctor appointment, the nurse asked me to get him out of his car seat so she could start the checkup. I lifted the cloth cover off of his carseat, she saw him, took a step back and said... "Whoa, that is a BIG baby... he is here for his 4 month right?" I just giggled... I LOVE my chubby baby.

Cael's Stats at 4 months:

Weight: 17 lb 9 oz (90th %)

Height: 26.5 inches (92nd %)

Head: (Not that anyone cares... but... 72nd%)
It is already atrocious having to carry around the baby car seat with B'Dael in it, but what can a momma do? I will take this chunky monkey any day of the week... I am so head over heels in love with him... and it doesn't hurt that since 2 months he has been sleeping through the night... NO, not hit or miss or every now and then. This little boy spoils me. Every night, without fail, Cael will go to bed between 8:45 and 9:30, and he sleeps till morning! I am one lucky lady!!! Love you buddy, can't wait to see how big you are at 6 months!


Knight Bliss said...

What a cute little stud. He weighs more than my six month old little girl(this one is odd for me though, my other two were chubbs by four months like your little man)! I hear you on lugging the car seat with a chunky baby in it. What an adorable family you have!

Emily said...

Um. Yep. He's a keeper!! He's seriously so grown up! Your kiddos are all adorable!